Hotel Restaurant Suppliers - Laguiole, Aubrac, Aveyron

Professional people work for us to provide quality products. This page is to thank them to make us feel happy to transform their products for your own very pleasure.

A.F.G. Poultry Producer La Primaube  
Artiéres Grocery store Millau  
Artus Red Fruits Naucelles  
Auriat Bakery Laguiole Voir leur Site internet
Bonal Cheese Shop Aurillac  
Clermont Chestnuts Producer Saint Hippolyte  
Conquet Butcher Shop Laguiole Voir leur Site internet
L’Écir Cheese Shop Laguiole  
Gaec du Roucadel Organic Farm Cheese Laguiole  
Fabry Fish Shop Pont de Salars  
Ginisty Green Grocer Onet le Château  
Jeune montagne Cheese Cooperative Laguiole  
Drosera Foie gras Laguiole Voir leur Site internet
La Fenadou Goat Cheese Le Cayrol Voir leur Site internet
N.A.P. Pork Espalion  
Oustry Poultry Producer Florentin La Capelle  
Pouget Fruits Pruines  
Pradalier Snail Farm Espalion Les contacter
Roualdès Green Grocer Saint Parthem  
Roux Bakery Laguiole Voir leur Site internet
Safran de Majorac   Pruines  
Veyre Green Grocer Laguiole