Gilles Moreau, a 20-year experienced chef, who has been running this house since 2010, offers a very personal cuisine evolving all along the time. Trust this young chef as he is thinking of his menus only to please you! Daring to come to Gilles Moreau will reward you with an original cuisine, 100 % homemade, with fresh and seasonal products.

Aveyron is a French department rich in local producers, loving their homeland and making their products with love and passion: Aubrac farm beef or “Fleur d’Aubrac” (a quality label designating a heifer born of a pure Aubrac mother and a pure Charolais father), Aveyron lamb and veal, Florentin and Currière chickens, fruits and vegetables from the Lot Valley, goat, cow and buffalo milk cheeses coming from Laguiole and its surroundings (Le Cayrol, Vieillevie…). All those quality products respectful of the seasons and nature will come to your plate.


The chef chose to have a limited menu to change it often according to the seasonal rhythm. He aims at offering a “modern” cuisine inspired with tradition, his roots and nature!
He uses revolutionary cooking processes such as “sous vide” cooking (= vacuum cooking) offering a perfect cooking result of the food, respecting the product and giving the best taste and texture to it.

Coming to Gilles Moreau is surely a true culinary experience and discovery, out of the beaten track…